Saturday, November 1, 2008

Status Report - 171 Days to Go!

Planning to get pregnant? Well, let me tell YET another thing you may need to buy, YET another of those things nobody tells you about until it's already too late...

Nipple cream.

Yup. Lanisoh - the cream of choice for breastfeeding mothers - is also the very best friend of pregnant women with ever-changing, super-sensitive nipples. A little smear of that when you're hopping out of the shower saves you a whole day's worth of grief as you twist and turn to get to a point where your BRA doesn't hurt. You're welcome. Doesn't it sound like FUN?

In other news, I have a medical condition that's not really related to pregnancy, so I won't go into details. Ever the one to desperately seek a silver lining, one bonus is that to keep an eye on things, I'm getting lots of extra ultrasounds. That means lots of chances to see the baby before he/she makes his/her debut. This time, when the sonographer started the exam, baby was kicking and flailing like nobody's business. I can't feel that yet, but it's tres cool to watch. Check out the long legs on this kid! He/she's going to be taller than me at birth, let alone in adulthood. Of course, taller than me is not much of a feat, but I digress...

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