Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Status Report - 111 Days to Go!

It's the last day of 2008, our final year as a childless couple. Last night, FINALLY, The Husband felt his baby move. I've had that all to myself for a couple of months now, but I'm very happy to share. The little brat has been rather uncooperative in that regard, moving out of the way every time daddy's hand was in the right spot to feel the kicks. It must frustrating to be the dad - he's just as invested in this little creature as I am, but other than painting the nursery and listening to me whine, there's not a whole lot he can do for baby until he/she makes a Grand Entrance.

Speaking of him/her, January 5th! The follow-up ultrasound is January 5th. This kid had better let me see what they are. I could no longer resist the temptation to buy baby clothes, so now this kid is going to be stuck wearing yellow and green for the first few months. That's what they get for being so stubborn!

Farewell, 2008! I can't wait to greet The Parasite in the coming year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Status Report - 126 Days to Go!

Hungry? Really? I can't imagine NOT being hungry. I eat all the time now. Seriously, this morning I got up early because I was starving and I HAD to eat something - waiting was not an option. I've shoveled something into my face every hour or two since waking. I had a phone conversation with a friend with my mouth full half the time because I could not put the fucking fork down for long enough to behave in a civilized fashion.

A typical day is a breakfast of cereal or some other whole grain product and a giant bowl of fruit and some decaf coffee with lots of milk. Then yogurt about an hour later. Then another hour after that, more fruit. Then lunch, usually something heavy on the protein with some grain or other and a vegetable or two. And then an hour later more fruit. And then some nuts or seeds or cheese with soy milk. And then dinner, again heavy on the protein with some kind of grain and vegetables. And then usually some more fruit a little later. And then another snack of nuts or seeds or cheese or something. That's for ONE DAY, people!

I had no idea that I was going to need to budget for a HORSE in our weekly food shopping. Granted, I'm making sure I don't throw a whole lot of crappy food into the mix because this kid has their whole life to eat junk food, I don't need give them a head start. At my last ultrasound (19 weeks) baby was in the 73rd percentile. That's one BIG baby, and I'm not a terribly large person. I have gained 6 pounds and as of 3 weeks ago, one pound of that was purely baby and it's undoubtedly more now. He/she is just sucking everything I manage to feed us. If I keep eating like this, I'm fairly convinced I'm going to give birth to a baby elephant.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Status Report - 139 Days to Go!

We are officially past the halfway point, there are fewer than 20 weeks to go!

I do have to go for another ultrasound, not because anyone is worried about what they saw in the last one, just because they couldn't get every view they wanted and we might as well. Also, I am quite simply DYING to know what this kid is, so he/she had BETTER cooperate or I'm going to start eating nothing but bitter vegetables.

Baby is moving A LOT this week. There are big, booming kicks here and there plus general rolling around like he/she is trying to get comfortable. It's a creepy feeling to be sure, but it's a good reminder that this is ACTUALLY happening, we have a baby on the way. I have an anterior placenta, which simply means the placenta is in the front rather than at the back of the uterus. It doesn't mean anything to baby, but it does mean that Daddy still hasn't been able to feel any activity because baby is at the back. He has admitted to being a little jealous that there's something I have with baby that he can't share in. I've told him if he's feeling left out, he's should try swallowing a live rodent and letting it run around in his belly, stomping on his bladder for good measure. Oddly, he's just not that interested in sharing the WHOLE experience.