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What? You thought I'd keep all this awesomeness in one place? Sometimes I write stuff for other people too. In fact, I run a small business, PROD Communications, providing content writing and management services. "But Julia, don't you say fuck a lot on your blog?" As a matter of fact, I do. I always use the right word for the job, which rarely if ever includes the word fuck, or any profanity at all, when I'm writing on behalf of my clients.
  • Are you a blogger planning a vacation or just desperately needing a break? I'm happy to write a guest post for your blog. 
  • Are you running an online magazine and interested in regular contributions to your publication? Well, that's even better!
  • Are you a small business owner thinking it's finally time to get some actual web content on your site. You know, the one that has been sitting there for with "coming soon" on the home page for years? Have you been kicking around the idea of branching out into the wonderful world of social media? Then we DEFINITELY need to talk. 
See below for samples of my "voice" when I'm writing for others. More work samples are available upon request. If you're interested in having my witty blather appear on your site, drop me an email!

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