Monday, April 20, 2009

Status Report - ONE Day to Go!

Tomorrow is our due date. There are 10 or so signs of impending labour, of which I have had precisely ZERO. There are also many "natural" ways suggested to bring on labour, and I have tried them all - to no avail. If I could get her out using sheer force of will alone, she'd be sitting beside me on the couch right now. OK, not sitting, but you know what I mean.

She's got three more days to get out on her own or I'll be induced because of the risk of calcification of the placenta in gestational diabetes patients. It's been 9 months of anxiety with all kinds of complications and stress and worry, and as much as I wanted a natural, intervention-free pregnancy, I'm kind of relieved it's soon to be over. Motherhood is the next phase, and I'm looking forward to it with fear and excitement.