Monday, April 20, 2009

Status Report - ONE Day to Go!

Tomorrow is our due date. There are 10 or so signs of impending labour, of which I have had precisely ZERO. There are also many "natural" ways suggested to bring on labour, and I have tried them all - to no avail. If I could get her out using sheer force of will alone, she'd be sitting beside me on the couch right now. OK, not sitting, but you know what I mean.

She's got three more days to get out on her own or I'll be induced because of the risk of calcification of the placenta in gestational diabetes patients. It's been 9 months of anxiety with all kinds of complications and stress and worry, and as much as I wanted a natural, intervention-free pregnancy, I'm kind of relieved it's soon to be over. Motherhood is the next phase, and I'm looking forward to it with fear and excitement.


The Wicked Stepmonster said...

Are you going to post to let us know you are in labour?

Want me to come and scare her out?

Susan said...

Good luck with everything. She will be here before you know and you'll already have forgotten all the stress and anxiety.