Monday, July 30, 2018

Product Review: Eufy MiracleBlend by Anker Innovations

Frozen strawberries+yogurt
+ milk = YUM!
A couple of years ago, our blender died, and thus I embarked on a journey more complicated than I ever imagined. Did you know the price range for blenders varies from around $40 to above and beyond $1,000 for the highest of the high end?

While we generally never regret investing in high-quality appliances, we decided that buying the most expensive one on the market would be overkill to crush ice for occasional margaritas. Eventually, The Husband and I settled for a bare-bones one that does most of the things we need it to... adequately. There are still big chunks of frozen fruit in smoothies, for example, but to avoid a big cash outlay, we were prepared to live with it.

BUT! When I was given the chance to try the Eufy MiracleBlend, I jumped at it. First, I tried to make a rose slushie because it was a stinkin' hot day, and those are better with wine - AMIRITE?
Failed slushie, still delicious!

However, I have the self-discipline of a toddler, so I winged it and threw a handful of ice cubes in with some wine switched the dial to "On."

With my old blender, this would have been fine (see earlier point about... adequate), but because the MiracleBLend can actually crush ice, the results were not quite as expected. Yes, I drank it anyway.

For the next trial, I decided to do something radical and, you know, actually read the enclosed instruction booklet that came complete with recipes. Green Smoothies for me? Strawberry "milkshakes" for the kids? Crushed tomatoes for pasta sauce, made fresh from our little urban garden? All of it has been a breeze! It has been a month of near-daily use and we're totally in love.

Homemade pasta sauce
We thought the rotary knob would make things more complicated, but it doesn't at all. TBH, we mostly use the dedicated smoothie button. It has been providing us with tasty treats all summer, and with the built-in safe operation features, we're happy to let the kids get involved in the fun.

Next up: Watermelon popsicles!

The Eufy MiracleBlend has an MSRP  of $119.99 (USD) and it is available for purchase on

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I received a Eufy MiracleBlend from Anker Innovations for testing purposes to write this review; no incentive, direction or additional compensation has been received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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