Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Status Report - 139 Days to Go!

We are officially past the halfway point, there are fewer than 20 weeks to go!

I do have to go for another ultrasound, not because anyone is worried about what they saw in the last one, just because they couldn't get every view they wanted and we might as well. Also, I am quite simply DYING to know what this kid is, so he/she had BETTER cooperate or I'm going to start eating nothing but bitter vegetables.

Baby is moving A LOT this week. There are big, booming kicks here and there plus general rolling around like he/she is trying to get comfortable. It's a creepy feeling to be sure, but it's a good reminder that this is ACTUALLY happening, we have a baby on the way. I have an anterior placenta, which simply means the placenta is in the front rather than at the back of the uterus. It doesn't mean anything to baby, but it does mean that Daddy still hasn't been able to feel any activity because baby is at the back. He has admitted to being a little jealous that there's something I have with baby that he can't share in. I've told him if he's feeling left out, he's should try swallowing a live rodent and letting it run around in his belly, stomping on his bladder for good measure. Oddly, he's just not that interested in sharing the WHOLE experience.

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