Monday, March 2, 2009

Status Report - 50 Days to Go!

The Sacroiliac Joints are at the bottom of the back, helping to make up the rear part of the pelvic girdle. Sitting between the sacrum and the ilia, there is one on either side of the spine. When this joint is strained it is, quite literally, a pain in the ass. A pain the likes of which I have never felt before. I suppose I should consider myself lucky to have made it all the way to well into the third trimester without a lot of the typical pregnancy discomforts, but when you're lying on a hot water bottle, writhing in pain because your back hurts so much that it's difficult to breath, it's harder to appreciate the little things.

This brings me to item #14,236 that nobody tells you about pregnancy:

It hurts. Everybody knows that labour and delivery are going to be a little bit ouchy. You're pushing a 7lb+ object out of an opening that, thanks to years of kegel exercises, is not just not that large. Of course that's going to hurt! But every step of the way, there's something that hurts. Up to and including a literal pain in the ass.

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