Thursday, July 18, 2013

Have your second kid first

I heard the expression "you should have your second kid first" a few times before I had a second kid and thought it was silly. I did it right the first time, dammit! But I know what they meant. We're a month into life with two kids. I'm tired but still pretty euphoric, and thanks for asking. I declined narcotic painkillers post c-section so I know it's not the drugs talking. It's just... easier the second time around. Oh, I still wake up and confirm that he's breathing about 20 times a night and fret if he doesn't gain a shitload of weight between checks, but I'm much less of a basket case this time.

For example, with M, I would often go days on end without showering. Because I couldn't leave my precious baaaaaybeeee for 10 minutes. Apparently I thought the world would be a better place if I stunk it up. Is The Husband a dick for leaving me wallowing in my own filth? Nope. He is a loving, hands-on father who relishes baby care. He gets right in there as soon as he gets home for work, and did with M too. It was all me being a total lunatic. THIS time I know the only thing I do that he can't is breastfeed, so if Z has a full belly there is no earthly reason for me not to take care of personal hygiene.

Hilariously I did not realize I was being a lunatic last time. Hormones. Crazy.

Kid goes a day without pooping? Wear a poncho when he goes tomorrow. Is he sleeping too long? He has regained his birth weight so let a sleeping baby lie. OMG he has a diaper rash! So... let him have some naked time until it clears up. Yup. You really should have your second kid first.

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