Friday, August 22, 2008

Status Report - 242 Days to Go!

I had blood taken for testing last week, and the results are in. At the stage I was at on Saturday (4 weeks, 4 days) the "normal" range of hcg (the hormone that you generate during pregnancy) is 500-6,000. My level is at 631. I thought that was just fine, but my doctor wants me to go back for another test to make sure its trending upwards as it should.

I am was very worried, but I have managed to talk myself off the ledge. First of all, I spent most of the afternoon at work running to the bathroom to cry. The only people that do that are pregnant women and the very unprofessional. I are serious professional, so it must be the raging hormones of the still very knocked up with a healthy as a horse baby.

Also, I consulted my good friend Dr. Google, who has assured me with a variety of sources that many healthy babies are born from pregnancies with low hcg test levels. Also, the charts are kind of bullshit. No, seriously, this is a direct quote from one of Dr. Google's sources "The numbers in the chart are only a guideline, and are so broad as to be almost useless."

Perfect! I ran to the bathroom to cry several times AND told my boss during my mid-year evaluation that I hate my job because of the stress caused by a number - STILL IN THE NORMAL RANGE - of a chart that is "so broad as to be almost useless." !Thumbs Up! Yup, I'm behaving in a totally rational fashion.

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