Monday, September 8, 2008

Status Report - 225 Days to Go!

Allergies aren't fun. They're even less fun when sneezing actually HURTS. Yup, PAIN with every achoo. It's called Round Ligament Pain, and it's really, really annoying. The exhaustion is still here, and I get afternoon sickness. At about 3:00, an overwhelming wave of nausea takes over and stays with me all through the subway ride home. Now that I actually AM knocked up, I'm reading all the shit they don't tell you about before you've got your positive pee stick, like round ligament pain.

I have regressed to the eating habits of your average 5 year old. Friday night, I had my first real, honest to goodness, no basis in rationality, completely insatiable food craving. The lovely planned dinner of a small steak, potato and asparagus? Out the window. I *NEEDED* nasty, greasy, salty, terrible for me but oh so tasty Chinese food. Nothing else would do. In fact, the thought of eating anything else made me nauseous.

At the grocery store, I bought chocolate-dipped granola bars and string cheese. String cheese! Today, it was KD. Salty, mushy, fake-cheese nastiness and again, the thought of eating anything else was more than my stomach could take. I never eat this shit. Remind me to thank this kid with brussel sprouts when he or she is here.

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Susan said...

Brussel Sprouts! EEKS. I hate them!