Monday, January 26, 2009

Status Report - 85 Days to Go!

Before I got pregnant, I ran and did fairly strenuous weight training a few times a week. After the positive pee stick, my heart rate and energy level have dictated that I had to back off the regular training routine, but that was OK. I could live with it as long as I was able to keep some semblance of fitness by walking a lot at an incline and lifting lighter weights.

Then I had surgery in week 19 and had to take 6 weeks off exercising at all to recover. Ever since, I have felt rather crappy. Not in a "Gee, I'm pregnant and this baby gets heavier to lug around every day" kind of way, just in a "I have no energy at all to do even the simplest of things I would like to do." I still haven't really gotten my strength back, I'm exhausted most of the time, and finding things that I can actually do activity-wise has been a real challenge.

Yesterday, I went to an Aquafit class. It was me and a bunch of 60-something women, half of whom were recovering from hip replacement surgery. I gotta' say, it was a lot of fun geeking out to the cheesy golden oldies. Also, being the fittest person in the room was kind of cool. Not to mention that I felt downright sexy in a pool full of blue-hairs. Last night after the class, any swelling I had was virtually gone and I'm still feeling pretty damn limber today. You know, I think those little old ladies are on to something!

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