Friday, February 6, 2009

Status Report - 74 Days to Go!

Holy Fatigue, Batman! I've caught a cold bug that's been going around, but barely adds to the already omnipresent fatigue. I could have a nap at pretty much any time of day. Like now. Now is good.

The teeny one is now over three pounds and almost as long as she's going to get. All the books say that she's running out of room now and will now slow down on the kicking front. The books lie. I've actually been woken up thinking "WOW! That feels like someone just kicked me in the stomach!" And that is because someone DID just kick me in the stomach. Hard.

I continue to control the Gestational Diabetes with diet alone, which is excellent because the idea of giving myself a needle in the belly 3+ times a day was just not appealing. Though as I've already learned, there is nothing I wouldn't do for this kicky little girl. These parasites suck you in while they're still in the womb so that they may continue to live off the host for years to come.

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