Saturday, March 21, 2009

Status Report - 31 Days to Go!

The due date is exactly one month away today. A maximum of one month until this wriggly little kicker gets her eviction notice. The 3rd trimester fatigue is reaching a peak, and furious nesting activities do little to help with the battle. I have two more weeks at work and then I'm free to spend all the time my heart desires washing and scrubbing and sorting and clearing. God help me, I'm excited by this prospect.

I have started drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking evening primrose oil, and walking everywhere I can. None of these things will trigger labour in a body that's not ready to go on its own so it's not like I'm wishing pre-term delivery on her, but helping the body to prepare for such a major undertaking can never be a bad thing.

The big booming kicks have become more subtle (and gross) wriggles as she has run out of room in there. I have a Biophysical Profile (Medical-ese for a really fancy ultrasound) on Tuesday morning so I will have one final, last ditch opportunity to see if this kid will allow their gender to be 100% confirmed. We're still only 75% sure it's a girl, and given the amount of pink stuff and frilly dresses I have received as gifts, even if it is a boy it's going to be a cross-dresser for a little while.

Soon this parasite will no longer live IN me, it will just move to the outside and spend 18 years living OFF me. Excited? Hell yes. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go wash baby blankets. Again.


Susan said...

Almost time..I think you are due around the same time as my friend. How exciting for both of you!

Anonymous said...

If you really think that the child will only spend 18 years living off you then I will giggle at you in 18 years.

There is something contained in semen that helps to ripen and soften the cervix. As well, orgasm can start labour (but only when the body is ready). You might want to delete this if hubby reads it and you are not in the mood! ;)

The Host said...

Yup, prostaglandins are in semen. Luckily they're also in Evening Primrose Oil, because in my current cumbersome condition, neither one of us is all that interested in the hanky-panky. The logistics and horribly unsexy grunting noises I make when simply moving are enough to turn anyone off!