Saturday, December 24, 2011

Geography - It's fun!

Awwwww, look! It's two penguins sitting on a polar bear so they can reach their ice fishing hole. Or maybe they're taunting the polar bear, which is a pretty stupid move because polar bears are badass. Nonetheless, adorable!

It's on my neighbour's front lawn*. Once you get past the fact that it looks dirty from behind, it's cute. This little vignette was inspired by Coke's 2005 ad campaign with the polar bears and the penguins frolicking on the frozen tundra. Everybody enjoyed a Coke and the audience ooh'd and ahh'd. Only the most astute among us said "Hey, wait a minute..."**
We all had a giggle and then moved on with our lives, but this lawn ornament allows the lie to carry on. And anyway, if polar bears and penguins DID live together, it wouldn't be in harmony. Those penguins look pretty tasty.
* If you are my neighbour I'm sorry about mocking your lawn ornament. But only a little. You're the one that put it out there, after all.
** Image from HERE


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy holidays :)

Playoutsidegal said...

people are stupid but the ad was really cute!

Just Jane said...

HAHAHA! I love it when marketing does something supremely stupid.

The Host said...

@Teena, thank you! Hope you had a great time too!

@NM, agreed - it was very sweet.

@Just Jane, I'm sure someone brought it up at the storyboard phase, but they hoped not many people would notice.