Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canada's Wonderland = Fun for the whole family!

I love amusement parks! I have so many happy memories of hanging upside down on roller coasters, I couldn't wait to see how my daughter felt about the big thrill rides. That's why we have kids, right? Guaranteeing someone to sit beside us on roller coasters?

While a day at an amusement park isn't how a lot of moms would choose to spend a Sunday, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. Lucky for us Canada's Wonderland is just a short drive away from our home on the outskirts of downtown Toronto.

My trips to Canada's Wonderland were, shall we say... a little different pre-kid. I spent all my time running from big coaster to big coaster with some stops for snacks in between. I had no idea how awesome Planet Snoopy and Kidsville would be for the little people. There are several opportunities to interact with Peanuts characters, kid-appropriate games abound, and if the people are REALLY little, there's an air-conditioned family center for feeding, changing and resting. Oh, and there's tons of family-friendly rides too!

This was my first trip to Canada's Wonderland since it was acquired by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. From my Starbucks latte on the way into the park to my tasty sandwich and my daughter's chicken tenders that were visibly REAL chicken, I was very impressed by the taste and quality of the food. It's a definite upgrade from previous visits.

Highlights of the day include our daughter's first solo ride (Snoopy's Space Race) which made her feel oh-so grown up. Luckily, the park guides parents with a rating system, grading rides on a scale from Low Thrills (1) to Aggressive Thrills (5). I'll have to wait a little longer to take her on Leviathan, but she handled Taxi Jam like a champ. Check out those arms in the air! The force is strong in this one...

Sure sign of a great day!
Genuine expressions of joy were on all of our faces for the whole day. I had no idea how much fun it would be to watch my kid have so much fun. Now that I do, I can't wait for our next trip to Canada's Wonderland. If you need a little happy in your life, a day at your local Cedar Fair park may be just what the doctor ordered. My only question is... What ride will you go on first???

This is a compensated review on behalf of the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company in my capacity as a BlogHer reviewer. Park admission, meals and expenses were also provided by the company. All opinions expressed are my own. 


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Ohmygosh, I LOVED Wonderland! It was so much fun on our visit!

The Frugal Free Gal said...

Sounds like fun! The latest theme park we went to was Dollywood in Tennessee!