Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ice, ice baby!

Things were ticketyboo on my renewed quest for physical activity. I was even starting to enjoy it a little bit. Bootcamp ended, but that's OK I found a new one that runs half-hour sessions at lunch time. Getting out of the office AND clear up an evening for some chillaxing? Win-win!

And then last Thursday I was out for a run and something didn't feel right in my foot the next morning. By the afternoon it was pretty clear I had a bout of tendonitis on my hands. Well, on my foot. Fuck. Forces of evil are conspiring against me!

I gave it a week off and went for another run tonight. As I sit here with my foot on an ice pack after said run, I say to hell with you forces of evil! You won't beat me just yet. Tomorrow, Bootcamp - GAME ON!

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Unknown said...

Although this has nothing to do with your post. You will know where it comes from.

I do costumes for the whole family! I am an equal opportunity costumeaholic!

Take a look at the post coming up in a few days for pics!