Thursday, November 1, 2012

On being a friendlier blogger

In addition to posting somewhat sporadically, I've also been a pretty lousy reciprocal blogger for months. I don't reply to comments. That's not because I don't value what you have to say. It's because I always mean to, but the stock Blogger comment system doesn't have a reply to thing, I can't reply in my email client when I first get the comment so I have to do the @CommenterName thing, and by the time I get around to that it has probably been weeks since you left the comment in the first place. So then I'm expecting you to remember that you commented here and come back to check it.

Let's face it... You have better things to do.

That's why I have installed a new commenting system. It should allow for more discussion, give you the option to follow replies, and allow me to reply directly from my email, thereby greatly reducing the chances that I'll forget all about it. I'm not saying that will never happen, but baby steps here people! Baby steps. Thanks for sticking with me, even when I'm a horrible blogger friend.

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