Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day Steam of Consciousness

It's Christmas Day. My house looks like a My Little Pony bomb went off in here. It's the last Christmas where there's only one kid to please. Well that's not true, next year the baby will only be six months old so I guess they'll still be pretty easily amused. I'll just take all the empty boxes from Kid #1's toys and give them to Kid #2 to play with. So very efficient! Right now, for coming up with that plan, some of you are thinking I'm really mean and some are thinking I'm a fucking genius. You're all correct.

I haven't updated here in nearly three weeks. Dudes. The pregnancy fatigue. It's awful! I'm not sure if it's worse this time around of if I just feel it more because I didn't have another kid to look after last time. Never take the opportunity to nap for granted, people! Anyway, because of the long, long silence I've decided to just type whatever pops into my head for 10 minutes. If you're wondering how much of this you're going to have to endure, I started four minutes ago.

The pregnancy books say I can't feel the baby move yet. The pregnancy books lie. At night when things are very quiet and still I feel little bumps, like a goldfish bumping into the side of the bowl as it swims. I've seen this little critter doing backflips on an ultrasound screen, so I know he/she is a live one. I was thrilled. The ultrasound tech, who needed to take precise measurements, was less impressed. Speaking of he/she, the question we're being asked most often is whether or not we're going to find out the sex when we can. The answer is hell yes! Some express disappointment, "Oh, you don't want to wait for a surprise?" 1. I loathe and despise surprises; 2. It's not going to be much of a surprise, I'm expecting to hear boy or girl. If I find out it's a kangaroo THAT will be a surprise.

It occurs to me that I'm no longer a very good typist. That's a human failing I'm going to learn to live with. Merry Christmas everyone!

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