Thursday, March 10, 2016

What Does "Having it All" Really Mean, Anyway?

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Simultaneous phone and laptop use? Check!
But my nails are not that nice.
I was having a conversation with another mom on the way home from school pick-up today. I mentioned something that we're doing next week, and that the tickets were offered to me because I'm hosting a giveaway on my hobby blog. Yes, this one. Yes, you should stay tuned for more details in the next week or so.

Anyway, I joked that I haven't been able to keep up with my "hobby" writing because I'm too busy with my paid writing. That's definitely something no entrepreneur is allowed to complain about. Especially not in their first few years in business!

But really, between getting the kids up and out the door to school and preschool, running home to do some work, picking up the kids, ferrying them to activities, getting them fed and into bed and then doing some more work, the notion of having a "hobby" has become somewhat laughable.

I know I'm incredibly fortunate, and that there is a sizeable chunk of the world that would love to have such a privileged problem as a lack of time to indulge in leisurely pursuits. I know it, I really do. And yet, here I am, updating the blog that chronicled my pregnancies and my early, fumbling days of parenting, for the first time in more than half a year.

I'm positive that it wouldn't have been any better if I had gone back to work full-time. All of the "stuff" that I can accomplish with multitasking, like throwing in a load of laundry while cooking lunch, or folding that laundry while helping M practice for her spelling test, would still be waiting for me when I got home from a traditional workplace.

Somehow, though, I think I'd feel less guilty about all the ways I'm not a Pinterest mom if I wasn't self-employed. I'd have a better excuse for ordering take-out when The Husband is out at a work function. I'd be less apologetic about the state of shambles my house is in, perpetually. Perhaps the best idea is to look back at my idealistic younger self and let her know that there's no point trying to be something you're not. Maybe "having it all" doesn't mean what I thought it did. Maybe it's about adjusting the definition to fit the new circumstances.

What do YOU think?

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