Monday, December 26, 2011

The one where she gives free writing a try

15 minutes of whatever comes to mind for me? Man, that could be dangerous! I presume that's supposed to mean no filter, but I just don't think the world is ready for me with no filter.

Christmas Day is over, but it will carry on for at least three more days as we finish off the holiday visits. We're not a religious household, so I'm not quite sure about the messaging here for The Parasite. Christmas means you show up at a bunch of different people's houses and get presents! That can't be right... I'm sure I'll come up with something more clever by the time she gets around to asking the question. Maybe she won't? Kids are good at just rolling with things. Especially when presents are involved.

In a couple of weeks I'm going on my first Girls' Weekend away since I became a mom. No husbands, no kids, just some fun in the sun. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also dreading being so far away from my baby. I know she's nearly three, but she'll always be MY baby. It'll be a great bonding experience for her and for The Husband. She's been on a real "Mommy do it" kick for the last few weeks and it's getting impractical. For example, last weekend I was upstairs folding laundry, The Husband was in the kitchen making breakfast. She came UPSTAIRS to ask me to get her a drink. From the kitchen. *sigh* These phases are normal and it will be Daddy's turn soon enough, but I'm kind of hoping a few days on their own will hurry things along a little.

Wow. Five minutes to go. Who knew a time period so short could seem so long? Of course, we're up for the day so that 15 minutes has actually been broken up into several chunks of a few minutes each, but I have been keeping track of how long I have been going at each interval. Maybe that's cheating? I dunno. I can't remember the last time I had 15 uninterrupted minutes, but I imagine it was before April 2009. I may sound like I'm complaining about it, but I'm really not. Watching this kid crouch down like a jaguar along with Dora is worth all the interruptions in the world.

This post is written as part of GBE2 - Week #32 - 15 Minute Free Write.  For more info about GBE,  click here


Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm usually a pretty fast writer, I do my posts in 15 to 20 minutes. My issue is getting started or having a good idea to blog about.

Jo said...

That was fun trip through your 'filtered' mind! lol

Catch My Words said...

Have fun on your girls' week-end. Sounds like a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how they go through the all-mommy or all-daddy stages. It can sting a little when they make the switch, despite the breathing space that it affords.

Enjoy your getaway!

Laura Rogers said...

I hope you have a good time. I so enjoyed your fifteen minutes. I hope I can do as well.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time for yourself! Your baby will be fine, but I know its hard to be away from them!

Playoutsidegal said...

you did well in 15 minutes, especially all broken up! i find if i have to keep coming back to a post, it takes an hour over the course of the day because i have to re-read what i wrote to get back in the zone. you must be SO excited about your girls' trip... jealous. enjoy every minute!!!

Brenda Stevens said...

your child is ADORABLE! AND YOU DID SO WELL WITH THE "FLOW" gosh you are great at this! Have fun @ your getaway and take pics for us! :0)

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Thanks for admitting to the 5 minute intervals. i was thinking. Wow. She is amazing. i am not doing this prompt but now I see that I can do it

Claudia Moser said...

Great post, and sometimes the time is too tight, it was for me, I just wanted to go further!

Unknown said...

I keep reading about this prompt on different blogs so I think I'll give it a whirl for my Cajun Blogger one. I have an almost 11 year old son who still has mommyitis (I know not a real word), and he still prefers me to his dad. Hubby will do things with him and watch him, but they are both so excited when I come back. Did I mention I get umpteen calls while I'm gone for the day just to shop in peace! UGH! This rant would make a great piece.


grains of sand said...

stunning photo! an innocent moment captured for an eternity.
Marc :)

The Host said...

@Mrs. Tuna, I'm the same. Once I know what I want to write about I can usually spout off a post pretty quickly. But the blinking cursor on the screen? NEMESIS!

@Jo, maybe one day, when I'm very old and no longer care about what people think, I'll take the filter off for just one day.

@Joyce Lansky, Thanks! I can't wait!

@Word Nerd, I'm sure the onset of a "Daddy do it" phase will break my heart a little bit, but when I get to pee alone for the first time in months I'm sure I'll get over it quickly!

@Laura Rogers, I read your free write. You did an awesome job!

@beachlover, I know I'm going to miss her terribly, but I'm looking forward to seeing if absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

@Naked Mommy, I KNOW, right? Then I still have to gasp in horror at some silly typo, which I quickly correct and pray nobody noticed.

@Brenda Stevens, thank you! I'm sure many pictures will be forthcoming. Though I'll censor them first. :)

@The Frizzy Hooker, full disclosure seemed only fair.

@Claudia Moser, that's reason to keep doing more of them! :)

@Bonnie, it was done as part of a Facebook group I'm a part of called GBE2. Details are at the bottom of the post, it's a great group with a lot of supportive people. One of the moms (From the Mom Cave) blogs about parenting her special needs children. I think you'd enjoy her blog and the group. Would love it if you joined!

@grains of sand, thank you. I keep trying to remember to capture these little snippets for the future.

Just Jane said...

YAY! I'm so surprised at how many people were brave enough to post their free writes. So cool to get a somewhat unfiltered glimpse inside!