Thursday, December 29, 2011

So far, so close

I used to think I wasn't going to have kids, and then I changed my mind. Then I had a baby and decided that once you have one, you might as well have two. They're just like kittens, they can amuse each other! I wanted my two little girls to be about two years apart, maybe two and a half years. 

Yes, my second, currently nonexistent child is most decidedly a girl. Shhhh, do not speak to me of 50/50 odds!

The Parasite is now 32 months old, so my children will be at least three and a half and more likely four years apart in age. The Husband and his sister are five years apart, he swears this is the reason they're not closer. Yesterday my friend was here for a visit with her six year old son - a boy four years older than The Parasite, almost to the day. After a lengthy warm up period (about two minutes), the kids were the very best of friends, running around this small house like small, crazed people. They damn near shattered my ear drums, but they certainly did amuse each other.

I'm not worried about the age gap anymore. 


k~ said...

Babies and kittens? LOL, well one of my nieces calls children "parasites" but only when they are still in the womb. I have a hard time looking at them that way (though I can see the technical reality of it all).

Fun post!

The Host said...

@Artful Communication, :) the whole story of where that came from is here:

It's mostly a joke, though some days she still sucks A LOT of energy out of me.

Playoutsidegal said...

a bigger age gap makes for a different - though not less close - relationship. my sister and i are almost 5 years apart and i loved dressing her up like a dolly when she was a baby as well as helping bathe and change her (diapers included!).

my girls are 20 months apart and though M tries to help sometimes, most of the time she is incredibly jealous of her sister. she's starting to be more interested in playing with baby now that baby isn't a blob though (she's 10 months).

i'm pretty sure whatever the age gap, things will work out. : )

Just Jane said...

There are 4 years between my sister and me and we've always been close.

My BFF and his brother are 5 years apart and are also very close - they see each other a couple of times a week and talk every day.

I sincerely don't think you have anything to worry about :).