Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stroke awareness - Remember the signs

A close family member had a minor stroke this week. I suppose if you have to have a stroke, a minor one is the way to go. Still, it's pretty sobering to think about how much different this holiday season could have been. There's a long road to rehab and we're still not sure if a complete recovery is possible, but we hope for the best. One of the reasons recovery is in the cards is the prompt medical attention they received.

Please take a moment to review the five warning signs of a stroke. Feel free to yoink this image and share it wherever and whenever your heart desires. I got it from here:
I hope you never need to remember the signs, but if this message helps ONE person call 911 in time, then my work here is done.


Catch My Words said...

Thanks for posting.


The Host said...

You're welcome. I just wish we had seen it sooner.