Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be mine?

From The Morgue Files
Happy Valentine's Day! We don't do a big "thing" for Valentine's Day, but we will have a quiet dinner for two and a nice bottle of wine. It ain't much romance, but it's totally us. I hope you're having fun doing something that's just your speed with someone you love tonight too.

If you're single and not happy about it, I hope you're going to get drunk off your ass and say "Fuck this Hallmark holiday. In the ear. With a fork." Because that is a totally appropriate response and you are entitled to it.

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Unknown said...

Happy Valentines Day! Since my husband is on the road on the momentous occasion I may have to go with the single girls advice. :D With a fork, in the ear! LMAO Ha ha ha! That "MADE" my Valentine's Day!!! Does that make me weird?? To hysterical!!