Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be mine?

From The Morgue Files
Happy Valentine's Day! We don't do a big "thing" for Valentine's Day, but we will have a quiet dinner for two and a nice bottle of wine. It ain't much romance, but it's totally us. I hope you're having fun doing something that's just your speed with someone you love tonight too.

If you're single and not happy about it, I hope you're going to get drunk off your ass and say "Fuck this Hallmark holiday. In the ear. With a fork." Because that is a totally appropriate response and you are entitled to it.


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

Happy Valentines Day! Since my husband is on the road on the momentous occasion I may have to go with the single girls advice. :D With a fork, in the ear! LMAO Ha ha ha! That "MADE" my Valentine's Day!!! Does that make me weird?? To hysterical!!