Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things I Did Elsewhere: Week 11 Recap

It would seem I'm a little behind on posting things I did elsewhere. Meh. Shit happens. I made a goal to submit articles to online publications at least twice a month and have sent in one so far, so I'll find out if it gets picked up for publication soon. See, I told you! Goals are good

At The Facebook Page, as usual I shared our weekly meal plans for last week and this week. It's possible I fucked up the order of those links. It probably doesn't matter, and I'm really hungover tired so if I did screw it up I might get around to checking and ultimately fixing it later. So if they are screwed up and you saw it, you'll be like one of those people who have one of those dollar bills that are printed upside down. If they're right, it's just like a plain old dollar bill here. Now you have to ask yourself... do you feel lucky?

At The Wine Fund, I shared a review of the hotel we stayed at for our Easter weekend getaway. A nice, clean, reasonably priced, family-friendly hotel mere blocks away from all the attractions in Niagara Falls, Ontario and minutes away from the border crossing. If a trip to the Falls is in your future, you should stay there. Later this week I'll share the review of a book that I... didn't love. Come back and see my feeble attempts at diplomacy!

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