Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things I did elsewhere: Week 13 recap

How the hell did it get to be Sunday night already? I do not know! It was less busy than last week, but just when I thought I could rest on my laurels another one of those wicked kid bugs blew through the house and knocked me on my ass. Good times! I still managed to find the the time to do some stuff elsewhere.

Over at The Facebook Page I shared this week's meal plan. We had company for dinner last night and served Chicken Parmesan Rollatini with polenta and Caesar salad for dinner, and tartufo for dessert. The Rollatini was pretty good, but if I were to do it again I would have added a few chili flakes to the sauce and topped it with some shaved parmesan to bring a little salt to the party. That may be because I used salt-free soup stock, so YMMV.

At The Wine Fund, I talked about Incentria (big, fat fucking waste of time - that's my two cents worth, which is literally all I have earned there) and Favors and Flavors, a one stop shop for breastfeeding support and supplies. I also submitted posted an article on parenting honestly on Circle of Moms.

Have a great week!

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Mrs. Tuna said...

Well aren't you a busy bee. I just blew two f*cking hours uploading an audio post on my blog. Maybe it was the wine that slowed the process.