Saturday, May 12, 2012

A new appreciation

The Husband went away on a business trip for most of the week. He handles the morning routine, including wrangling The Parasite into her clothes and on to daycare. I am not a morning person. The Husband is not a morning person. Our kid? Decidedly not a morning person. That he has managed to do this every day since my Mat Leave ended without ever, to my knowledge, snarling "Just put your goddamn shoes on!" should certainly qualify him for beatification, if not canonization.

I am constantly impressed by this kid's ability to take changes in her routine in stride, but even good-natured kids have an off day once in a while. Like Thursday, when I decided I didn't want the planned meal so we went to a local haunt for dinner instead. The Parasite loves this place and is a delight every time we're there. She's usually so good, strangers have approached us to compliment her behaviour in restaurants. That makes me proud. On Thursday, I was reminded why we stay bigger than our children for a long time as I rushed to pay for our meal and chuck her over my shoulder to have the privilege, nay, the joy, of carrying a kicking, screaming child home through a busy street. To those who shot us glares, fuck off. Don't you think my day was going badly enough?

Seems tired was at least part of the problem as she went straight to bed and had to be woken up 12 hours later. The Husband is home now and all is right with the world. If I ever accuse him of "not doing anything around here" I want you to smack me and point me in the direction of this post.

It's Mother's Day tomorrow and a super fun day is planned. I will tell you all about it another time. To all the Moms reading, may you enjoy a very special day with your little people, no matter how big they have gotten. If you're trying to be a Mom and it's just not working, I'm sorry. This day is hard, feel free to spend it under the covers. If you are someone who doesn't have your Mom anymore, I'm sure you'll miss her a little more tomorrow than on other days. I hope someone does something to make you feel extra special.

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Anonymous said...

"To those who shot us glares, fuck off. Don't you think my day was going badly enough?"


Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get spoiled rotten. :O)