Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Tubble, Keeyo!

Our niece gave The Parasite her old Disney Princess chair. Now, I'm kind of opposed to the whole "Princess" thing because I'd rather not encourage my daughter to sit on her ass waiting for her Prince to come. However I work in marketing and am fully aware that I am powerless to stop the Disney machine so I might as well go ahead and encourage moderation.

Anyway... One of our cats has decided that she likes this chair as much as, if not more than, The Parasite. Every time I turn around the stupid cat is back in that chair. The Parasite freaks out and yells "No, Keeyo! Big Tubble, Keeyo!" I feel like I should discourage this usurper from her chair stealing ways, but:

a) It diminishes my guilt over the total neglect of the cats since The Parasite arrived;
b) It keeps the stupid cat off my chair, thereby drastically reducing my lint roller expenditures;
c) The cries of "Big Tubble, Keeyo!" are just too frickin' cute.

Besides, if I kept Cleo off the chair then I couldn't have snapped this picture with my crappy cell phone camera and shared it with all of you!


Samantha said...

Our cat is like magnetically attracted to anything baby. I have fond memories of pushing him around in the baby stroller before my son was born just because he wouldn't stay out of it! (around the house of course! haha)

The Host said...

This cat avoided all things baby like the plague. Until we brought this chair home. It's really quite something to watch them fight over who gets to sit in it. Of course baby always wins because it's game over as soon as kitty makes a growl!

The Host said...

I promise I didn't delete comments. They got wiped out when Blogger shit the bed a couple of days ago.