Friday, May 27, 2011

By any means necessary - Question two

The next question I'll answer in this series gets into the nitty-gritty of how we're going to finance this little venture and what impact this has on our decision.

To what extent have finances determined the family-building decisions you have made? How have you able to balance financial considerations against other factors such as medical, ethical, emotional…?

The Husband and I are fortunate enough to have a public health system that will cover most of the tests we'll need to determine what the problem might be, and we have good, overlapping benefit plans that will cover many treatment options. Financial considerations for the actual treatments form a very small piece of the decision making puzzle.

The emotional hurdles, however, are much more difficult to get over. First, there was admitting there was a problem. After a year of trying it became clear that more time wasn't going to bring the next kid to fruition, so we had to admit that it was time to investigate fertility treatments. Then we had to discuss how far down the path of treatment we were willing to go before we started.

All of our decisions and assumptions to date are theoretical because we don't know how we're going to feel or what we're going to decide until we know exactly what we're dealing with, and we know that's going to be a while. I must say I am extremely grateful to know that the costs associated with growing our family aren't likely to be a barrier to growing our family.

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