Friday, April 13, 2012

Well played, Universe!

Earlier this week, an errand over lunch took longer than expected, so I hopped on the subway to get back to the office. As I allowed my mind to wander (public transit survival mechanism) I thought about the long road ahead of procedures and fertility treatments. Hello, Square One! I had so wished I'd never see you again!

I'll cop to a little bit of feeling sorry for myself. There might even have been a "Why me?" or two mixed in there.

And then I was instantly cheered up by a peal of giggles, the kind that can only come from a little girl. That sound always makes me smile. I turned to get a look at my cheerer-upper. It was indeed a little girl. One with beautiful eyes and a smile with warmth that could melt an iceberg. A little girl with the unmistakeable patchy hair of one undergoing chemotherapy.

Well, shit. Duly noted, Unseen Forces... Duly. Noted.


Playoutsidegal said...

It's amazing how kids can smile (or laugh!) through anything. You're pretty tough yourself!

Unknown said...

You know I see those kids more frequently than I would like to admit and every time I feel like there are forces trying to beat me into the ground like a nail into a board I just remember it COULD be worse.