Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing the Wednesday

Remember Roseanne? In one episode, Roseanne feared for her marriage because she and Dan missed a couple of Wednesdays. Which is the day they had sex, in case you missed the ever so subtle hints. Recalling that episode may bring about a mental image of Roseanne Barr and John Goodman frolicking naked. Sorry!

Anyway, in the spirit of keeping the marital fires burning, The Husband and I have agreed to disconnect from the digital world after The Parasite goes to bed each Wednesday. We may not spend the evening the same way Roseanne and Dan did, but at least we'll spend it together.

Ever found yourself spending too much time with your partner, but not *really* spending time together? What have you done to keep things fresh amidst so many distractions?


Unknown said...

I spend too much time with my partner. He thinks we don't spend enough time together and I think we spend to much.

He complains that my children talk too much, but he talks more than the 3 girls in the house combined.

I love you hunny bunny, but SHUT UP! Oh and you need to leave for the month and go to work. I will see you in July that should be good for me.

Just Jane said...

The unplugging is a great way to spend quality time getting re-connected.

One thing Acr0nym and I do is run errands together. We just have a day of it - going to lunch, thrift store hunting, etc. We get a lot of talking done on those errands. It's great!