Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The one where she talks about little loves

Ahh, guilty pleasures. We all have things we love but would be ashamed to admit to in mixed company. Here are my Top 7 guilty pleasures. Yes, seven. I couldn't think of 10 and as we have established, I'm really quite lazy. Hey, maybe laziness is #8... OK, I'll get on with the list now:
  1. Glee. I'm a bit of a music geek. Admitting that I love the showtunes and high school drama is hard for me, but I do. I actually *like* Rachel too. Oh, and I want to do dirty things with Puck. Don't go calling the police just yet, he's actually going to be 30 later this year. I'm not even in cougar territory here.
  2. True Blood. Yup, more TV, this time pure camp with vampires and werewolves and fairies. Oh my! Also, Alexander Skarsgard, who is currently #1 on my famous five list. I get to see a whole lot of him mostly naked which makes every cringe-worthy bit of dialogue worthwhile.
  3. The Southern Vampire Mysteries, aka the Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood is based on. Terrible fiction, simply dreadful. I'm glad I use an e-reader so nobody on the subway or in the elevator in the office knows I'm reading them. But still I devour each book in a matter of days and find myself impatiently waiting for more.
  4. Naps. Man, I love naps. When The Parasite was a baby she often had trouble going for her afternoon nap without me laying beside her. A year of mat leave gives you enough time to figure out that the cultures observing siesta are really on to something. Now when I'm napping I feel like I'm neglecting things that are much more important, and yet still I snooze. Because naps are awesome.
  5. Brunch. What a decadent meal! Brunch happens on days you slept too late to make it for breakfast, so you go somewhere that serves eggs at noon and feel very sophisticated about it. I haven't had brunch in... three years. Damn.
  6. The Elmwood. A morning at the spa is about as decadent as it gets. The older I get, the more apt I am to just tell people what I want for Christmas and my birthday. In case you're wondering, it's gift cards for The Elmwood. My benefits plan covers massage, so it's really all about the therapeutic outcome. And feeling rather like a lady who lunches. 
  7. Starbucks. I admit it, I'm a junkie. Nothing fancy, just a non-fat latte in my reusable cup. The other day, they sent me a gold card with my name on it. It occurs to me that I may have a problem, but I'm not ready to do anything about it yet.
There you have it, little things that make my days brighter. What are your guilty pleasures? Are there books or TV shows you're ashamed to admit you love?

This post is written as part of GBE2 - Week #52 word prompt: Guilty Pleasure. For more info about GBE2, click here


Unknown said...

Shoes and Fabric!

I actually think both qualify as negative addictions because I hide both in all sorts of holes in my house from my family that fusses when I buy more, shoes and fabric.

I need help! where is the 12 step program!?

The Frizzy Hooker said...

This post was great. I was wondering how to consider this week's theme.
And #5 Brunch
Well done. Brunch is an amazing treat. So decadent. Yum Yum Yum

Unknown said...

Everyone should have some kind of entertainment trainwreck they can't look away from because it's a guilty pleasure. :D

pbquig said...

Just watched the 2 hour Glee, so love that show! Also have following Charlaine Harris for years. Great pleasures!

Jo said...

I think I love all your guilty pleasures! ♥

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL "it occurs to me i have a problem but not ready to do anything about it" this so cracked me UPPPpp love your rambling and not so rambling thoughts! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Lots of good, but naps--naps are my favorite weekend indulgence. When I retire--and dammit, I will--I will take an afternoon nap every single day.