Friday, September 23, 2011

Ask the Host Q8: Serious Family Business

I have a very serious and important question to ask: What are some things we can do for our 4 month old for Halloween? We want to dress him up but it's not like we can go Trick or Treating. What did you do with when The Parasite was small?

Oh, Halloween! I had SO MUCH fun with the first Halloween. I love matchy-matchy costumes for families. For the first Halloween were a set, The Bee and The Beekeeper. It was fun and I loved every minute of it. Feel free to borrow the idea. As a matter of fact, I still have both costumes. Interested? Cheapay-cheapay, pretty lady!

Last Halloween The Parasite was Pebbles Flintstone. I used food colouring to get her the right hair colour and had far more fun with it than I should have. I totally would have done Wilma but The Husband wouldn't play along to be Fred. Such a fucking spoil sport! Whatever you do, be sure to have fun. This year I'm going to chase her from house to house trying to keep her from punching other kids on the way to the candy bowl before scraping her off the ceiling when she gets too much sugar in her system.

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Catch My Words said...

I love Halloween. You can always dress up a baby and go door to door even if you don't collect candy. Take it as an opportunity to visit your neighbors.


The Host said...

Great idea, Joyce! On that first Halloween, The Parasite and I stayed in our costumes and handed out candy to all the kids in the neighbourhood. Kids who fawned over her got extra candy, because they earned it!