Saturday, September 3, 2011

Location, Location, Location

I wonder what thought process led to this decision. I think it went something like this...

"Let's sell the house":
 "I listed the house months ago. I simply can't understand WHY people aren't tripping all over themselves to buy it. Do you think it's the neighbours to the right causing a problem?"
 "Or maybe it's the neighbours to the left?"
"Surely it's not the view from the veranda that's scaring people away.."


Tania B said...

Ah yes Toronto. I'm in Richmond Hill but remember my short time looking for places to buy in TO, lol. I am following you from the Canadian Blog Hop! Please feel free to stop by Horseshoes and follow me back.


The Host said...

Tania, yup it was a real treat finding our house here but worth the effort. The one pictured is across the street from a subway station under major renovation. For three years. A year to do. I dunno, I think I might have waited for the dust to settle before listing. Thanks for following, I've followed you back.