Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I Learned on the Internet #2 - The Eye of Sauron

Can you imagine living in a society where the people have grown SO lazy, the task of flushing their own toilet has become too strenuous for some? I know, right? Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it we're living it!

Toilets that flush themselves are a pet peeve of mine because they usually go off as I'm sitting down, making me one Seriously Unhappy Camper with a Really Wet Ass. While I am mildly perturbed by these events, the unexpected soaking of an auto-flushing toilet is terrifying to a tiny person who's just learning how to use said toilet.

The solution?

You know that ridiculously HUGE purse you started lugging around when you became a mom? Sure you do. A wise mother on the internet once shared the idea of slipping a little packet of post-it notes into your purse. When you take your little person to a bathroom with auto-flush, you can pop one over the creepy, red Eye of Sauron thing  (I'm told normal people call them sensors) and spare your potty training little person the traumatizing effects of a Really Wet Ass.

Unless the Really Wet Ass came from pants that were peed in. The post-it notes aren't going to be much help in that case.


Anonymous said...

Totally brilliant.

Autumn Saylor said...

Brillaint idea for future potty-training reference. Awesome read! You cracked me up :)