Thursday, September 22, 2011

HEY! That's my chain!

I have the distinct and unpleasant feeling of the yanking of my chain and this vexes me greatly. Like it's not stressful enough to look ahead to the prospect of surgery and decide if we're going to proceed with fertility treatments, I am already frustrated by the bureaucracy involved in being a part of The System.

The Insurance Company: I faxed my pre-approval form for the fertility drugs on August 18th. I was told the turnaround would be five business days. After not one, not two, but THREE follow up calls, I finally got a call back today (25 business days later, for those playing along at home) to inform me they had come to a decision. That they have sent to me by mail. How quaint!

The Surgeon: The presence of a polyp was confirmed on August 30th. The baby doctor submitted the referral paperwork to the surgeon the same day. The surgeon's office is to call back with the next available appointment time. I'm still waiting. How complicated is this? Look at your booking system. This procedure takes X time to perform. Put my name in the next available spot available for that time required. Call me back, tell me when that is and I'll be there. Even if it was six months away, I'd now be one down, five to go. Not awesome, but not as shitty as having no idea. But no, apparently it's more efficient to field several calls from the same person on the same subject. S-M-R-T!

God forbid they should be efficient in any patient dealings, the hoards might get uppity and expect to be treated like people or something! We can't start treatment after the surgery and the baby doctor can't plan the course of treatment until we know what drugs are covered. So I get to sit. And wait. I am not good at waiting. *grumble*

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