Monday, September 12, 2011

The one where she talks about last year

I had to look at my calendar to see if anything happened One Year Ago today or if there was anything remarkable about last September at all. There wasn't.

We spend a lot of time attaching meaning to dates in the past: Birthdays, Anniversaries, dates we lost someone or something important to us, dates we started new jobs or the date our kids took their first steps (May 18, 2010). Even the saddest of anniversaries usually has something to be happy about, be it triumph over adversity or just plain survival. We remember the date that loved ones die and eventually look back with fondness on that anniversary. It just takes us a while to find the joy in the pain.

In all our struggles to keep track of dates of significance, there's days and weeks and months in between where not much happens at all. We're just busy putting one foot in front of the other, going through the motions and doing the best we can with what we've got. There is nothing remarkable about most days, and maybe that is remarkable in and of itself. That I have no recollection of one year ago today means that I did some stuff with my beautiful little girl and slept in a bed next to the love of my life. None of my friends or family were sick or injured and I didn't inadvertently hurt somebody's feelings by forgetting their birthday.

In other words, one year ago today was a pretty good day.

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Claudia Moser said...

So true, your ending is very good!

Anonymous said...

Very true. I am the same way. Unless it was something of meaning, I will tend to forget that day.

Jo said...

I could have written this one!
Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

How true. Before I retired, my supervisor would come out of her office at the end of the day and ask what kind of day I'd had. I'd say, "Dull. In other words, good." Often the days that give us nothing to remember are the best days of all.

Unknown said...

So true, if one can look back and see nothing bad has happened but everyday was a very good day indeed!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! 'No news is good news' is so often true. :O)

pbquig said...

Sounds like a great day to me, nice post.
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