Monday, October 10, 2011

Live tweeting sweeps the nation!

Ever been watching your twitter timeline during a big conference or concert and wondered why all these tweets are appearing about an event you're not attending? Admit it, at some point you thought to yourself "If I gave a shit about <inserteventnamehere>, I would have gone!" Or maybe you did want to go, but couldn't and then you were all bitter because the live tweets were just rubbing it in. I feel your pain, but that will in no way affect my decision to inflict yet another live tweeting of a mundane event on your poor, unsuspecting timeline.

Today, I'm going to add to your irritation by live tweeting the preparation of my Thanksgiving dinner. No really, I am. For American friends who might not already know, it's Thanksgiving weekend here in the Great White North. Because if we waited until November to harvest we wouldn't have a whole lot to be thankful for... A little later in the day there's good odds alcohol will be involved. Hilarity may or may not ensue, especially if dinner is delayed. So follow me on Twitter today for food porn and terrible, hipster-esque photos. Doesn't it sound like FUN?


Catch My Words said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! I can't wait until ours because I miss our kids.


The Host said...

Thanks! It's a small gathering, but a nice one nonetheless. I hope yours is just as filled with hugs.