Monday, October 3, 2011

That's not a joke. Jokes are funny!

Dear TV Producers,

You have brought something into my home that I can no longer tolerate. It is disruptive and condescending at the same time. I am talking, of course, about the laugh track.

I understand the laugh track has been used throughout TV history to confound the viewers at home in the absence of a live audience. Do shows other than late night comedies even have studio audiences anymore? Anyway, if a show is too new to have a live audience or too shitty to elicit a giggle from one it does have, the tinny sound of the laugh track does nothing to speed up the popularity the former or to improve the quality of the latter.

In your average TV sitcom, there is one or MAYBE two lines that are worthy of a mild chuckle out loud in my living room. There is no need to punctuate every sentence with a little titter from the laugh track. I have spent the last 30-something years deciding for my very own self what I find amusing. Your counsel in these matters is both unnecessary and unwelcome. Fake laughter at unfunny jokes calls attention to just how unfunny they are. Please stop it!



Anonymous said...

The new show Whitney is filmed in front of a live audience. It's actually making a comeback.

The Host said...

Really? I think a hostage situation is only explanation for guffaws during THAT show.