Monday, November 28, 2011

My latest adventure

So I decided something had to be done about the ever-expanding size of my ass. I'd blame it on the kid, but I was well below my pre-pregnancy weight by six months postpartum. It really started creeping up when I went back to work. I guess I didn't realize how much activity was involved in lifting a 20+lb baby about a hundred times a day and pushing around a stroller for most of my errands. In reality it's a pound here and a pound there that come together for a really BIG party, but it always seems like it's all of a sudden none of your pants fit.

Having to move to the "other" side of the store to find pants that fit was a pretty good motivator. Oh right, here's where I'm supposed to say that I want to live a healthier life to set an example for my daughter. Give her a fit mom to run and jump and play with, all that shit. Sure. Fine. OK. And maybe it would be nice to stop avoiding the camera so when she's older she'll have some pictures of her mom to look back on. But really, it's about the pants and the "other" side of the store.

Enter the online version of Weight Watchers. Why online? I've been to WW meetings, the group support thing just isn't for me. I find myself bored and rolling my eyes at the accomplishments of others. Mean, but true. Yes, I am aware there roughly a million free online weight loss tools. But I know myself well enough to know I'm a lot more likely to take it seriously when I've put some money on the line. So the pain in the ass, poorly designed, hopelessly lacking in ethnic foods WW online system it is!

You know what the greatest revelation has been so far? That my relaxing pail glass of wine or two in the evening has probably been my downfall all along. Sunday to Thursday I have replaced it with a nice mug of sleepy time tea. Things would probably go faster if I gave it up altogether, but then my life wouldn't be worth living. OK it would, but I'd be a whole lot crankier. Right now I'm drinking that steamy cup of herbal tea and you know what? It's just not the same.


grains of sand said...

Lets look at the bright side of the expanding bottom. The thong underwear gets a rest..mens line of sight will move from the rear and just may catch a glimpse of your smile, or the sparkle that might be in your eye that day.

Agreed, no one likes to carry extra "junk in trunk" ah but the thrill at losing it, is so liberating!!! And once its all gone, you"ll be promenading around Victorias Secret .... Now that tea doesn't sound so bad afterall!!

Good Luck and btw...great blog!

Samantha said...

Have you heard of
She has some excellent recipes and they are all weight watchers friendly. She lists all the information including points in the recipe. :)

Just Jane said...

I'm in the same boat with the wine. I know it's the issue but the tea just isn't the same. *sigh*

Teena in Toronto said...

I did very well with WW online in 2004 ... I lost 70 pounds. Alas, I've been bad and have fallen back into my old habits over the years. Back at it again in January.

Amy McMunn Schindler said...

Why, oh why, oh, WHY can't someone invent zero calorie wine???? HUH? Doesn't anyone out there wanna make a buck off of fried moms who need to unwind at the end of the day??

There is a war going on in my house among the little people, my sanity my choice of weapon and my gut. Boo hoo. My gut is losing.

Playoutsidegal said...

Good luck! I still haven't lost all the baby weight - that last 5 lbs is stuck I swear. Or my scale is broken. I think I like that answer better. Have you tried caramel rooibos tea? It's pretty decadent but not too calorie rich. Replaces dessert but nothing takes the place of wine...

The Host said...

@grains of sand, thanks for the new perspective! :)

@Samantha, I had not seen that one. Thanks for the link!

@Jane, nope, not the same at all. BUT, changing little else, it's been good for 10lbs in a month. *harumph* I miss my wine.

@Teena, I went the meetings route a long, long time ago. It's so far, so good with the online plan. Though they're changing it up again in January, just when I got the hang of things!

@Amy, I would TOTALLY buy stock and *a lot* of product from the company that develops it. Sanity vs. gut is always a fine line. My gut is winning this battle, but it's the war I'm worried about.

NM, have not tried that one. I'll look for it, thanks! I miss the wine, but so far the abstinence is working out well for the size of my ass. *sigh*