Friday, November 4, 2011

Programming Note

I have a juicy one for "Ask the Host" in the works and I promise it will be posted... tomorrow. Right now I need to talk to you about something of the utmost importance. About subject that is very near and dear to my heart. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to talk to you a little about...

WINE! I love wine, and it loves me. Second only to my love of wine is my love of good food. (Oh right, my husband and child fit in there... somewhere) When you put good wine and good food together, magical, wonderful things happen. Every sentence is more meaningful when it's punctuated by a bite or a sip of your fantastic fancy grape juice.

That's why Bewildered Bug and I have joined forces to put on an evening of wine and food with a bunch of fun people. Well, we hope a bunch of fun people come out. If they're not, there's no problem a little wine won't fix. So if you're in Toronto and you like food and wine and cool people, you should come out! I had my wedding reception at this restaurant. It is fantastic, but cozy. When we say space is limited, I am not kidding. If you're interested, please register today!

We are asking for a deposit to confirm interest. For the record, Bewildered Bug aren't making a nickel from this event, and we're paying our own way too.

Life with a Parasite has been nominated as a contender for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs. Please vote for me. You can vote once a day until November 17th. Thank you in advance!

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