Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Oh hai! My wireless? She is broken. The Husband is working on it. It's nice having tech support literally in-house. Why not plug in, you ask? I don't have a cable. 12,456 cables in this place, but none of the are the one I need. So I'm posting this from my phone, because that's how seriously I take NaBloPoMo, man. But this post won't be particularly well proofread because, as we know, I'm really quite lazy.

Speaking of lazy, does anyone know how to disable the exceedingly annoying typewriter sound on the iPhone keyboard? I'm sure it's a settings thing that I lack the patience to find.

Also, preschool has turned my sweet baby into an obnoxious tyrant. I love that autocorrect thinks I meant Tyra in that last sentence. No, silly phone, that would be Naomi Campbell! Anyway, I know transitions are hard on the small fry, but could someone please give me an idea of how long we're talking about until things settle back down? Because if it's not soon I may hand her off to the nearest pack of traveling gypsies!

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