Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 1 Recap: Elsewhere

I mentioned a PR policy when I announced Life with a Parasite - The Facebook Page. It's here!

Speaking of Life with a Parasite - The Facebook Page, I have posted two quick, easy, family-friendly recipes over there. One for a portable, heart-healthy pasta alfredo with chicken and broccoli and one for a hearty asparagus chowder. How can you make sure you get these updates right away, just in time to save your dinner from ruin? Well, liking the page is a good place to start.

As part of the PR policy, I am also announcing Life with a Parasite - The Wine Fund, a separate blog where I will happily share reviews, contests and giveaways. It's not fully off the ground yet, but feel free to add it to your reading list so you're in on the ground floor. Interested in learning more? Please see the disclosure and PR policies at The Wine Fund using the links on the homepage.

Don't want to add a separate blog to your reading list and feel like you already like half of Facebook anyway? Fear not. Every Sunday, I'll post a recap just like this one to share I'm up to in that great somewhere known as Elsewhere.


Catch My Words said...

Good luck with your newest adventure.


Anonymous said...

You're going to ROCK 2012!

The Host said...

@Joyce, thanks! As I do it on top of a full time job, it should be interesting to see if I manage to get anything off the ground.

@WordNerd, if I do, it's thanks to the support of awesome people like you! :)