Thursday, March 22, 2012

In the absence of clever, I give you tidbits

I had one of those days at work that required a lot of brain power. OK, most days require some brain power, but today was particularly intense. It means the evening rolls around and I got nuthin' left. And so I present to you the random shit that floats through my mind when I spent the day clearing my head of all meaningful information:

  • Have you seen the video of the two-year-old singing Adele's" Someone Like You?" I know, right? Adorable. But then I think... exactly how many times has this child's mother/sister/Nanny/whatever caterwauled along with that song in her presence that she's been able to memorize the words? I suppose I could watch one of the news stories about it to learn how the singalong came about, but I... just don't care enough.
  • I did a charity outreach thing yesterday. It involved a great deal of painting over my head. Today my arms are so sore, I had a hard time lifting them over my head to wash my hair. I nearly didn't bother, but the painting over head thing made it pretty necessary.  Dammit, I'm old. Sadly, that's not a good reason to call in sick.
  • Remember the promo for "Meet the Robinsons" when the T-Rex was chasing the kid and the evil guy yelled "Seize him!" But the dinosaur couldn't because he's got a big head, and little arms? That shit cracked me up for months. MONTHS! Yeah, yeah, small minds. Anyway, you can imagine my amusement when, in the midst of massive concentration mode, a colleague sent me this:
I have no idea where this came from, but it made my day!
My in-laws are in town staying with us this weekend. They're lovely people, but I'm going to have a hard time being entertaining this weekend. Especially when the gears are just not meshing. Wish me luck with it!


Bibliomama said...

No matter how much I love the people who are visiting me, sometimes I just don't feel up to being visited. It usually turns out better than I expect - hope it does for you as well.

I will NEVER get tired of t-rex tiny-arm jokes. NEVER.

Unknown said...

I have that picture in a button as one of my required 15 pieces of flair! I LOVE IT!!!!

Just Jane said...


I don't know why but your "I...just don't care enough" cracked me up.

Plus, T-Rex tiny arm jokes are a hoot.

Sonia said...

Funny post. Thanks for sharing!