Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things I Did Elsewhere: Week 10 Recap

Zut alors, yet another weekend has gone by. How? Why? I just don't know. The in-laws are still here which is cool because SURPRISE! It's not a one night visit, it's a three night visit. Apparently determining when someone is coming to our home and how long they are staying with us is too much to ask of The Husband. And we all know how much I love surprises. I'll deal with him... later.

At The Facebook Page, I shared this week's meal plan, including tonight's feast of ham and scalloped potatoes. From scratch. Because I am that damn good. I use the Canadian Living recipe enhanced by a whole lot of garlic, and while it takes a long time it's dead simple. If you currently make scalloped or any other kind of potatoes from a box, stop that! There's just no comparing them to the real thing.

Over at The Wine Fund, the app of the week is Flashlight. No, not Fleshlight, silly! FLASHLIGHT! It turns your phone into a flashlight, and it has been more useful than I ever imagined it would be. You want to learn about cool apps first don't you? Well then sign up for the AppSmitten newsletter and the app world is your oyster. Note: If you sign up using that link I earn a small commission.

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