Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things I did Elsewhere: Week 12 Recap

Made with love. By The Husband. Because I can't bake worth a shit.

It's Birthday Week! The Husband and The Parasite have birthdays less than a week apart. If you think that means a busy week, you're absolutely right! The big girl's party was yesterday. She was too excited to nap and was still pretty darn tired today, which led to a 2+ hour nap. Curled up with me. Which she hasn't done in ages. Not gonna lie, it was totally awesome.

Anyway, it means I didn't get around to doing a whole lot of stuff elsewhere. I did post our meal plan which includes a plea for help on what the fuck to do with pounds of leftover lunch meat. Any ideas?


Mrs. Tuna said...

Chef salad? I think I need a nap too.

Unknown said...

I miss naps with kiddos! About a month ago me and my then 13 year old took a nap on the sofa together for like an hour. It was perfect and wonderful.

They get older and those moments move so far apart that they are even better when they happen.

Happy B-Day Parasite!