Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm pretty sure I read that correctly

I have mentioned my adventures in public transit before. A shitty commute gives me something other than the weather to bitch about. But now that you mention it, it has been too damn hot for pantyhose this week. Someone needs to change my company's dress code or lower the temperature. Today I'm only kind of whining about my actual commute, it's really more about the squalor in which I do it.

Take this example:
St. George Station - July 13, 2011
I took this picture, which reads "State of Good Repair Anticipated Completion Date: April 2011," yesterday - July 13th. I pride myself in functional literacy so I'm pretty sure July is a full three months AFTER April. The escalator at the station closest to my office has been out of service for over a month. I don't enjoy walking up the stairs in the un-air conditioned station, but at least I'm physically capable of doing so. Some of my colleagues are not so lucky.

City Councillor Karen Stintz is also the TTC chair. She has gone on record to saying that "cleanliness" is her top priority for the transit system. I feel I must ask this: Why the fuck would I care if the stopped train I'm standing on (God knows I can't ever get a seat on that sardine can) because of mysterious "signal problems" or the broken escalator I'm walking beside are immaculately clean? I'm not going to eat off them, I'm just getting work.

Shouldn't we make sure the shit actually works before we worry about giving it a thorough scrubbing?

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