Sunday, July 24, 2011

That happened

I had the Echovist procedure on Friday. I... did not like that at all. The specialist was a liar when he said it was painless, it hurt like a bitch. The Husband compared the hand squeezing to when I was in labour. According to the doctor actually doing the procedure - who is not the one who told me I have dinosaur eggs - I have "beautiful, open tubes" so tubal occlusion is now ruled out the cause of our infertility. I guess that makes it worth it.

In addition to the Advil they ask you to take an hour before the procedure, there's a course of antibiotics for a few days before and after. Any time you're introducing a foreign object into a sterile area there's the chance of infection. They prescribed Vibramycin, also used to treat malaria so you know they're not fucking around with the germs. Such a strong antibiotic has been know to wreak havoc on the stomach so between the cramping from the procedure and side effects of the meds it has not been a fun weekend at Casa del Host.

To his credit, The Husband has been wonderful. He's been taking care of The Parasite and handling most of the stuff around here. As it turns out, asking "Have YOU have a catheter in your cervix lately?" is a good way to get what you want.

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