Monday, November 21, 2011

I don't like Mondays

Ever had one of those days where you wonder why you bothered getting out of bed? There were more tears when dropping The Parasite off in the new room at daycare, I was late for a meeting where I discovered some work stuff is just not going according to plan, the daycare director called me with a whole bunch of bitch in her tone to say that our fees are not up to date for the new room (not true, their fault, not mine), I got a flu shot which hurts like hell at the injection site, the subway ride home was jammed beyond belief so I had strange people touching me (Ew!) and I overcooked the shit out of dinner.

Before anything else goes wrong I'm going to back away slowly from the keyboard. I'll have a less whiny post tomorrow, promise!


Bibliomama said...

Hugs and sympathy. I had a pretty good day except I buggered up dinner also, and just THAT made me cranky, so I feel for you. And don't you love when some asshat calls to chew you out and they're the one who screwed up? And did she apologize? I bet she didn't apologize. I bet she acted like it was YOUR fault SHE made a mistake. GRRRRRR.

The Host said...

Thank you! No, no apology from the daycare director. The staff is awesome with my kid and there is no space anywhere else on earth so I put up with their shit, but man! some days...

Today was a much better day.