Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wayback Playback: Why I hate contemporary art

My surgery is a done deal. While I recover, I'm digging through the archives of a now-abandoned journal for some of my old faves. This was originally posted on April 24, 2008 after a trip to New York City. It was our last hurrah as couple with no kids. I'm sorry I wasted some of it on contemporary art.

I'll admit it, I am not exactly an art connoisseur. I like pictures of things that I can recognize. I don't mind if it's a little "out of focus" looking, like Monet. Heck, I can even take the loose interpretations of Van Gogh. Take this Monet for example. It's so well known it borders on cliched but I love the whole series anyway, so THERE! :P

There is a texture to it, created by brushstrokes and layers of colours that is abstract and precise at the same time, coming together to form something that is magnificent to behold:

And then... there is Contemporary Art, like Picasso:

If it weren't for the tits, I'd have no idea this represented a person. In fact, I'm still not completely convinced.

How about Jackson Pollock?

Some guy named Fred who paints houses for a living has a drop cloth that looks just like this in the back of his pickup truck.

And then, there is the truly offensive. The swill that sycophantic twats in galleries all over the world swoon over, while the rest of us wonder what the fuck this world is coming to. Like this one, with a tag that reads "In the last 10 years of his life, Reinhardt focused solely on square black paintings." Now you're wondering if there is seriously a square, black painting hanging in a gallery somewhere, right?

Yes, there is. At MOMA, in fact. If this is high art, I'm Wonder Woman. It made me want to say Fuck. Right. Off. to the half-wit at the museum who stood in front of this thing and said out loud "It just speaks to me on so many levels." No it doesn't. Go look at a sheet of black construction paper and see if it says the same thing, you moron. This is not moving, it's doesn't "speak to anyone," other than as a profound insult to the intelligence of gallery visitors every day.

Because of the proliferation of shit like the black painting above, and the installation that that was a fountain and a strobe light masquerading as art, I give contemporary art two thumbs down. Or one finger up. Whatever.

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Unknown said...

As a former student of art history, this post was hilarious!! Loved it and laughed out loud literally.


Unknown said...

I LOVED this post.. but I must say.. the black picture moved me.. it spoke to me.. made me think dang why didn't I think of that?

Catch My Words said...

I guess I've never developed an appreciation for fine art.


The Host said...

@GTW, glad you got a laugh.

@Shauni, right? The Pollock made me really sad I got rid of my painting drop cloths.

@Joyce, you're in good company. It's one of the many things I just don't understand.

Not Supermom said...

Pollock and I don't see eye to eye. Seriously - my kids could (and often have) produced things of far more creativity.

The Host said...

@Not Supermom, right? I'm sure my 2 year old could produce something similar. If I'd let her play with paint.

Bibliomama said...

Preach it, sister. Talk about the Emperor's new clothes.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you! We saw a display over the weekend titled "100 Masters." It should have been titled "The decline of art in the western world and the birth of the Canadian hipster." Jesus Christ, what a joke this all is. Some local yahoo from the 80s arranging rocks in a circle on the floor is NOT a master.